Minimizing our environmental footprint

Our ambition: We aim to reduce our environmental footprint by improving our operations and processes, partnering and innovating in the supply chain and by mobilizing our entire staff and the industry.


Through its Climate Action Plan, which focuses on fleet renewal, improving operational efficiency, use of sustainable biofuel and offsetting, Air France-KlM aims to reduce its carbon footprint. in all departments, staff members are involved to optimize operations.

Air France-KLM's Climate Action Plan

- the group pursues fleet modernization and contributes to aeronautical research.

- the group involves its entire staff and external stakeholders around ambitious environmental action plans, from saving fuel in flight operations to cutting emissions on the ground, and applying eco-design principles.

- the group actively stimulates the implementation of sustainable aviation biofuels and is involved in research for renewable energy.

- the group supports environmental protection programs led by NGOs.

 - the group provides customers with information on their travel-related CO2 emissions and opportunities to offset these.

- the group supports efforts towards achieving a global climate agreement, with a fair contribution for aviation.

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