Our approach to corporate social responsibility

The Group’s ambition is to set the standard in CSR and to remain the frontrunner in the airline industry. Air France-KLM’s commitment to environmental protection, social equity and local development is laid out in its Corporate Social Responsibility Statement. This commitment is strengthened by our Climate Action Plan and Social Rights and Ethics Charter.

Notre démarche développement durable

Integrating sustainability in business and operations

Air France-KLM aims to make sustainability an integral part of its business strategy. This commitment is supported at Executive level. All employees are encouraged to take part in developing innovative sustainability initiatives. The Executive Committee reviews the CSR strategy on an annual basis, as part of a “Group Strategic Framework” and is reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors during the annual Group strategy meeting.

Taking our responsibilities

To meet the expectations of its stakeholders and  to implement appropriate risk management as part of its CSR policy, Air France-KLM has identified four key issues: environment, customers, employees and contribution to local development.

The Group is working alongside all of its stakeholders in order to:

  • reach a sustainable balance between aviation growth and its total environmental footprint;
  • integrate sustainability within the supply chain to offer customers responsible and innovative products and services;
  • ensure a responsible social policy and encourage personal development to ensure the motivation and professionalism of its employees;
  • adding economic and social value at the hubs and destinations where the Group operates.

The Group has set out overall objectives that are integrated into each airline’s objectives for these four key issues.

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