Our approach to corporate social responsibility

As a global business, Air France-KLM connects people, economies and cultures, driving economic growth and social progress. The Group assumes its responsibilities and acts to reconcile growth with environmental protection, social value and local development at its hubs and destinations. Air France-KLM’s commitment is laid out in its Corporate Social Responsibility Statement, Social Rights and Ethics Charter and Climate Action Plan. To integrate sustainability in its business and operations, the Group works alongside all of its stakeholder groups on four key priorities: environment, customer experience, responsible human resources and local development.

Notre démarche développement durable


Reduce our environmental footprint by improving our operations, by innovating in the supply chain and by mobilizing our entire staff and the industry.

Customer experience

Integrate sustainability within the entire value chain to offer customers sustainable and innovative products and services.

Responsible human resources

Maintain a responsible social policy and encourage personal development to ensure the motivation and professionalism of our employees.

Local development 

Create economic and social value at our hubs and destinations.

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